Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OK so I know it takes a while for me to put up a new post but i'm trying to work on it. And also thanks to those who left comments on ma past blogs I promise to put up replies real soon. I’ve been thinking bout what next to write bout and I jus don’t know where to start from. So I guess I have to take it one step at a time.

I meet him at a family friend’s house; I can’t say it was love at first sight cos to me he was jus any regular dude. I was more interested in the latest song I had just heard "the boy is mine- brandy and Monica" I was so tripped by the song that my friend and I decided to role play it. (Hey we were young and immature)

he walked into the room and caught us role playing our song, all he could do was laugh because we were messing the words up, then:

Mr. Slick: hahahahha, you guys are too funny. Well I have the tape in my car

(Whoa you can only imagine what that did to me, you actually have the tape)

Me and F.f: Can we have it..... Can we have it?

Of course he was more than happy to let us have it, he rushed to the car brought it for us, we took a pen and paper and started to write down the lyrics (lol damnn I don’t believe I did that)
After we were done he had to leave. Soon as he left ma friends brother told me that "Mr. Slick" wanted to date me.
I was not sure how I felt bout him at this point, well his brother and ma sister quickly kicked it off, so we started taking trips over to their house, when we got there his brother and ma sister would leave both of us to "catch up". We would disappear to the other living room and go play some video games, and being that I am a video game freak it was all right with me as time progressed his feeling became stronger for me and I started to discover feelings that I had for him.
so one day we all decided that we wanted to go out and buy suya, we bought the suya came back home to settle to eat the suya as we got home jus bout to dive into the suya the neighbour hood boys decided to pop in for a visit, then one of the neighbourhood guys saw me apparently he liked me and approached "Mr. slick" bout it..... Mr. Slick told him to back off cos that was his runs.
That day Mr. Slick decided to ask me out... now I was not aware of what was going on all I knew was Mr. Slick ... the guy I wanted to be with jus asked me out... DAMNNN!!!!!!! I was sooooo excited. Neways so after fronting for a couple days I said yes.

Well we dated for a little while... bout 6 months, that was my first real relationship. We were so young and innocent.... all we did was play games and cuddle... (Aka Quaving) lol...... what did I know... i was only bout 13, with big boobs, so he had enuf to caress (lol). Well.... as they ay every good thing comes to an end. we broke up after 6 months, but it was not something I really wanted to do, was more like something I had to do cos we were both so busy with school.... couple months after we broke up his brother had a b-day party and he had couple people come ova so we went for the party, as soon as MR. slick and I meet again it was the same way it had been since we were dating, he held ma hand thru the whole party didn’t want me dancing with no guys. Mean while the other guy that liked me at first site was now trying to talk to me cos he discovered that we had broken up. But Mr. Slick was not having it at all..... The whole night he held ma hand and made me stick with him.

Well bout 3 months later we left Nigeria. Just before we left Mr. Slick and I were trying to get back on track, but I never told him that we were moving to Canada. The day I was leaving I spoke to him that nite, well so I left without telling him. When I got to Canada I left him know as soon as we got in, he was so upset but I told him I was so sorry, well he kind of let it go I guess that was cos I was a couple oceans away from him. Well a couple weeks later he came online telling me that he moving to Canada



Well…. About 4 years later he still wasn’t in Canada I was already starting to give up on him coming here, I think he was even starting to give up on it too. About a year later his mum calls up my mother and they were making all this plans for their arrival. A year later he was in Canada, at first it was interesting trying to catch up on missed out events but at this point I was talking to another guy, and well he was not ready for any relationships according to him he was to be a free lancer, He’s just enjoying life as it comes.


Blogger Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao... that's too funny... the boy is mine and writing lyrics to songs... remember in naija we used to do that for songs we like.. even we used to buy songbooks.. lmao... u just brought me back some serious memories forreal!

lmao@catching up with mr.slick.. lol... bad girls!!! lmao@you being his runs.. oh quaving means cuddling.. i swear i thought it mean blowjobs.. i'm terrible.. lol

abeg tell mr. slick to go away with his free lancing... AND FINISH THE SWEET GIST!!! THERES MORE TO IT!!! lol... and plz dont take 7 months to write it up!!

7:52 AM  
Blogger naijadyme said...

@overwhelmed naija babe: i neva knew u used to do the whole singin thing too,lol.... lmao... u even wen as far as buyin singing books... dat one to deep ooo lol

whoa i guess every one had their own moments. thankx for stoppin by though.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Vickii said...

LOL at the acting out the boy is mine and writing down song lyrics ... though I can't talk, I used to have an exercise book where I would meticulously copy down all the song lyrics I liked, and most of them were wrong anyway!

So, since ONB has exposed you, continue the story!

1:48 AM  
Blogger Naijadude said...

Come on now, Mr Slick that we have been waiting for, now he choose to be a freelancer?? Good thing you are seeing a Mr. Wonderful already!!!

You gotta sing the boy is mine for me too eh! Me and My Jolene(Overwhelmed), will be gyrating to your tune!! Hahah

Have a lovely weekend

8:10 AM  
Blogger Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

you're a terrible blogger.... UPDATE YOUR DAMN BLOG!!!

10:41 AM  
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Blogger diary of a G said...

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